Terex’s Concrete Mixers with Hydrogen Engine
In a groundbreaking move, Terex is poised to offer Cummins' X15H hydrogen internal combustion engine as an alternative for its Terex Advance Commander Series of front-discharge concrete mixer trucks. This historic partnership, announced through a letter of intent on September 11, positions Terex as the first U.S.-based on-highway equipment manufacturer to embrace this zero-carbon emissions engine.

David Grabner, General Manager at Terex Advance, stated, "As the global imperative to reduce emissions intensifies, we are actively pursuing pragmatic, cost-effective strategies to support our ready-mix customers in their decarbonization efforts. Cummins' X15H represents a viable zero-carbon option for our renowned front-discharge mixer trucks, and we eagerly anticipate the forthcoming integration of this innovative technology."

This agreement expands upon the existing collaboration between the two companies, enabling customers to outfit their mixer trucks with the X15H when production commences later this decade. Currently, Cummins' diesel engines power these mixer trucks.

Jim Nebergall, General Manager of Cummins Hydrogen Engine Business, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "Hydrogen internal combustion engines offer a practical zero-carbon fuel solution for heavy-duty, high-performance applications such as concrete mixer trucks, which frequently endure challenging duty cycles and rugged terrain. It is inspiring to witness original equipment manufacturers like Terex Advance taking the lead in the adoption of zero-carbon technologies, especially within complex sectors like vocational trucking."

The X15H, as part of Cummins' fuel-agnostic platform introduced in early 2022, is rooted in internal combustion engine technology. Cummins emphasizes that integrating this engine into the truck chassis is a straightforward process that doesn't necessitate significant overhauls in vehicle design or business operations. Moreover, due to the similarities between the X15H and Cummins' diesel engines, customers will find it easy to source parts and conduct routine maintenance.

Jim Nebergall concluded, "We firmly believe that hydrogen internal combustion engines will play a pivotal role in decarbonizing both on- and off-highway applications. With diesel-like power and torque, the X15H provides our customers with a reliable power source that delivers, regardless of the demanding workloads or challenging operating conditions."

Importantly, hydrogen internal combustion engines meet the EPA's proposed greenhouse gas (GHG) Phase 3 standard. Cummins has also secured commitments from truck fleet customers, a global truck manufacturer, and a tractor manufacturer, underscoring the growing interest in hydrogen technology within the industry.